The Barcode Bandits recently performed at Stones Centurion and this is a band that is not afraid to take numbers. The daring trio made sure that your small Saturday (other name for Wednesday) was a night you will be talking about for quite a while to come.

When they started playing there acoustic set it is like your soul has been invaded by the body snatchers and you can’t help but to sing along or go and move your body to their tunes in front of the stage. The trio consists out of Ryan (AKA Chivas Zimbler) on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Barry (AKA Walker Viljoen) on Bass guitar and backup vocals and last but not least Marc (AKA the Barclay) on drums.  The Barcode Bandits have an arsenal of songs even one that is self-titled as the Bandits that is the true persona of what the band is about.

The Barcode Bandits don’t have the old cliché of a band that just sings about love and lost love, they also sing about everything that have influenced them in their lives so far and also what is happening in our country South Africa right now. The Barcode Bandits are one of the few bands we have seen that’s music is an explosion of rhythm and soul with each song standing on its own. You are newer left with the feeling that one song warp’s into another and all you want to do is run for the hills.

For more on the Barcode Bandits watch RockingSA for their EP review and video interview at Stones Centurion Coming Soon.

You can go and check the Barcode Bandits out on our band page to learn more about them by clicking here.

We also have videos of the night and we gave it true to the RockingSA minions to do their magic with it so we can feature it on RockingSA.

You can also go and look at some of the pictures taken on the night with a Sony Xperia Z1. The Barcode Bandits Galary

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Barcode Bandits performed live at Stones in Centurion